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Honolulu Pulse Maoli Release Party at The Republik (Pictures)

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 Story by Brad Puet Street and documentary photographer based in Seattle (Huffington Post)


Is This Love! An Interview with Glen Awong of Maoli 

I have had the honor of interviewing many island reggae artists from J Boog to The Green to Ekolu. All of them are as interesting and awesome as their music. Maoli also fits with some of the great talent coming from the islands of Hawaii. 

I sat down with Glenn Awong, lead singer of Maoli, to talk about their soon to be released album, One Eighty, their new outlook on life and music, and of course island reggae. Glenn was one of the most candid interviews I’ve conducted and has some gems that I can’t wait to share with you all.

I suggest; sitting back, turn up Maoli’s EP, and reading through this interview. Shoutout to Da 808 Music Crew and Hawaii’s Finest.


Please introduce yourself and let us know about the band Maoli.

I’m Glen Awong and I’m the lead vocalist for the group Maoli. We have brother Kakana Akiu-Corpuz (Kana) who is the bass player, and Nu’u Sing-Kahalenhau who is the lead guitar and vocalist.

We started Maoli in 2007 and released our first album, “Groovin” in 2008. Back then in 2008, we did really well at home. There was a lot of festivals and things that we built a lot of support from. 
We got a lot of support in Hawaii.

For the last 3 years, we’ve been on the road building the audience and spreading the word about Maoli in the States.

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Interview with MAOLI 

Sand Bar Santa Barbara

Randy: We’re at The newly re-modeled Sand Bar in Santa Barbara to see One-A-Chord, & Maoli. Who’s with us tonight?

Glen: Lead vocalist

Braddah Kana: Bassist

Nu.u: Lead guitar

Randy: Maoli in the house, y’all smashed your set tonight, what were your thoughts in terms of the crowd, the vibe etc.

Glenn: It was our first time playing the set tonight, it all went great so we’re happy, the fans were happy, so it’s all good.

Randy: Where y’all headed after this show tonight?

Glenn: San Clemente, Hunington beach, AZ, SD, UT, etc.

Nu.u: Unity Festival in Lake Havasu

Glenn: We’ll be on the road for a while.

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